Echoes of Ancient Songs
(self-produced, 1999)

Gary MacLeman's original compositions strive to recreate old Irish melodies in Dreamcraft's Echoes of Ancient Songs.

"My Lagan Love," "Briefest Glimpse of Ye/Tommy is Sitting On his Box Again," "Spindrift/The Swan Within the Sea/Mystery of Memory," "Out on the Ocean" and "King of the Faeries/Joe Cooley's/Toss the Feathers" all succeed in conjuring the ol' spirits, and exceptionally, I might add. However, a few of the tunes, primarily those with vocals, only serve to drive them away, or at least, drive me away. Not my cup of Irish tea, you might say.

However, no doubt lies as to the veritable musical talent of Dreamcraft and its guest musicians: Gary MacLeman (vocals, guitar, bass), Geertien Wynhoven (vocals, fiddles), Paddy Keenan (whistle), Ray Barron (mandolin), Tommy O'Leary (button accordion), John Fitzgerald (bass, congas), Paul Jayes (drums) and Cathal Hickey (banjo, whistle). I wouldn't mind keeping this disc in my stack, minus the vocals of course. But alas, that's not the way it plays.

[ by Lynne Remick ]
Rambles: 25 May 2002