Johnny Duhan,
To the Light
(independent, 2008)

This is the third album of the work of Johnny Duhan I have reviewed in as many years, and each one shows a more matured writer and performer.

He opens the current offering with "Don Quixote" and takes on the persona of that old literary knight for the duration of the album. As usual he opens his heart and his life and experiences to the listener with that very distinctive voice and delivery. This revelatory exploration continues on tracks like "My Gravity" as he reminds us of the people we see without seeing on a daily basis.

"The Beggar" is one of the most heartfelt and saddening songs one can hear. Listen closely to the lyrics and the sentiments voiced here, and you will experience the humanity of the writer and gain insights into his take on what the beggar refers to -- it's not that straightforward.

As usual, we get tales of love. We hear of the joy of finding it and the even stronger songs about losing it. We have all experienced sentiments like those expressed on "The Night You Left Me," but we do not have the facility to express them as Duhan does so we can appropriate his words.

Following The Voyage and Just Another Town, this album provides a rich vein of music and song that will not only be enjoyed by the casual or the dedicated listener, but will also provide material for other singers just like the earlier albums did.

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review by
Nicky Rossiter

4 October 2008

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