Spencer Durham,
Much More Than Words
(Cavender Castle, 2007)

Spencer Durham is a singer with a future, and what a future. For a mere 18 years on this planet -- at least this time 'round -- he appears to have amassed a myriad of experience, plus the talent to write it in lyrics and set it to music.

As well as writing and singing, he plays a plethora of instruments ranging through guitars of all types to keyboards and harmonica on the aptly titled Much More Than Words -- his second album to date. His influences -- many and varied -- indicate a life spent listening to and absorbing the best of modern music. He cites Dylan to Van Morrison and the Beatles.

Of the dozen tracks on offer here, he wrote 11 and the other he co-wrote. One of my favorite tracks is "The Fog." "Evil Hearted Woman" closely follows this in my preferences. "The Traveller" is another accomplished offering here that could benefit from some airplay.

This is certainly a singer with lots to say and his songs are certainly "much more than words." His technique contains fragments of many genres, but all are very much taken in hand and made into his own unique sound.

I look forward to his next release.

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review by
Nicky Rossiter

10 May 2008

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