Patti Ecker & Friends,
(Ovenbird, 2002)

With its merry tones and fun lyrics, Prairieland is the type of music you expect to hear at a Pioneer Days festival at your local state park or farm petting zoo. Patti Ecker & Friends give a lighthearted performance on this interesting folk collection.

What separates Prairieland from the standard pile of children's folk music is her inclusion of Midwestern tunes amongst the Oh, Susanna's and Old Dan Tucker's -- a change people from the region are sure to appreciate. And while children will love her theatrical solo presentation of the standards, adults will appreciate the more serious fare, as well as the surprising depth and sophistication her dramatic voice receives when she has backup singers.

Be sure to check out the extensive liner notes for educational resources and interesting facts about the songs' historical origins.

- Rambles
written by Tracie Vida
published 20 November 2004

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