Danette Eddy,
Motion Potion
(SingSong, 1999)

Where has Danette Eddy been for the last six years of my life?

The Newfoundland fiddler released Motion Potion in 1999; the CD, newly brought to my attention, promises big things for her future. But I haven't heard of this woman before or since. Why?

A search of the Internet doesn't turn up much beyond an outdated biography on the website of Newfoundland's SingSong music label and a few references here and there to her album or a performance somewhere. It turns out she's played with the likes of fellow Canadians Natalie MacMaster, Ashley MacIsaac, Great Big Sea, Spirit of the West and more -- which alone stands as a ringing endorsement of her skills. But she doesn't appear to have a website of her own, and current news seems scarce. (Since writing this, a SingSong label spokesman said he thinks Eddy moved to Ireland and disappeared from the music scene. Sad news!)

Well, since I can't determine for sure where she is or where she's going, let's see where she's been.

According to one unearthed report, she began playing the fiddle at age 6, was performing by 10 and composing by 18. She was 21 when Motion Potion was released.

The album is a vibrant and exciting recording of 12 tracks, many of her own composition. There are elements of rock, funk, classical and jazz supporting and enhancing her traditional Newfoundland style, but none of it overwhelms the fiddle as it swoops and dances to the music.

So, where did Danette Eddy go? If anyone knows, tell her to get back into a recording studio; her music is missed! Meantime, I encourage fiddle fans to track down a copy of this wonderful CD.

by Tom Knapp
5 November 2005