Judith Edelman,
Drama Queen
(Compass, 2000)

Drama Queen is a very pertinent title for this CD. Judith Edelman has produced a series of small "kitchen sink" dramas that bear careful listening as she tells some home truths about modern life.

"Good Day There It Goes," which opens the album, is a song that can be experienced by any couple as it reflects on ordinary life. Lyrics include "they sit on the steps, he fought with his boss and her arthritis pained her some." This theme of songs illuminating the ordinary is maintained throughout the 12 tracks on offer here.

"The Sisters of St Timothy" is an intriguingly titled track. It tells a tale of schooldays with wit and insight. Family life and in particular family reunions get the treatment in "Blood Reunion." I dare anyone to listen to this without agreeing that at least part of the events recounted have happened to them at such gatherings at Thanksgiving, Christmas, births, deaths or marriages.

Edelman returns to a more traditional folk song on "Sailor Boy" and proves her ability once more. "Something Red" is another very well-constructed, well-delivered piece. It is amazing to listen carefully to a song that really uses red and all its manifestations to tell a story.

Alas, my copy seemed to be missing a track. "Some Nights" is listed as track 13 and lyrics are printed but I didn't get the song. Still, Judith Edelman is a name to watch as a writer as well as a performer.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 22 February 2003

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