Sharon Edry,
Semi Broken Heart
(Elizabeth, 2004)

Sharon Edry's CD Semi Broken Heart has a dozen tracks and each one is ideally suited as a showcase for this talented lady. Not only does she sing them, she also composed the full album.

From the opening track "Make Believe," she displays a confidence in the writing and performing. Her take on lost love on "Happy Ever After" is perceptive and very true to life.

One of my favourite tracks is "Stained Glass Window." The word picture is perfect and you will be entranced to find how the story evolves. The performance is simple and spare for the most part and it suits the song to perfection.

The songs on offer here are flawless and Edry rounds off the CD with one of the best. Again it is quiet, simple, and minimalist in arrangement. "The Simple Song" is exactly what it says but like all simplicity it has taken a lot of work and practice to produce a song we all think we could produce.

This is a very good collection of top-class songs that deserve your attention.

by Nicky Rossiter
12 November 2005

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