directed by Kevin Lima
(Walt Disney, 2007)

In the Kingdom of Andalasia, an evil queen reigned. Queen Nerissa did everything she could to keep her stepson Prince Edward from finding the woman of his dreams so she could remain queen forever. For the most part, she was successful in getting him to hunt trolls.

Giselle also dwelt in Andalasia in an enchanted bower in a tree with her animal friends to serve her. She sang, sewed and dreamed of her ideal man -- the one who would come and give her the Kiss of True Love.

One day, Prince Edward heard Giselle's song and lo -- they began to sing together. He gathered up Giselle and brought her to the castle where they would marry that very day.

As Giselle is making the final wedding preparations, an old hag comes to her and offers her a wedding day wish in a magical well. Giselle reluctantly accepts, and as she makes her wish to live happily ever after, the hag (Queen Nerissa) pushes her into the seemingly bottomless well.

Nerissa comments as Giselle is falling screaming into the abyss that she's sending her someplace where there is no happily ever after. That place turns out to be New York City.

Yes, our fair Giselle comes out of a manhole in the middle of New York traffic. Fortunately, she does meet some kind people who help her -- and she does find her prince. While this isn't exactly a Fractured Fairy Tale, Enchanted is a delightful film for fairy-tale lovers of all ages.

My favorite character of the whole cast is the chipmunk.

review by
Becky Kyle

12 April 2008

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