Ensemble Odila,
Traditional Songs from a Georgian Village
(Face Music Switzerland, 2007)

Ensemble Odila is made up of six male singers from a village in West Georgia. All of the 25 songs here are sung a cappella, and the sound will be strange to most Western listeners because of the unusual vocal configurations. It somewhat resembles the singing of Eastern Orthodox church services.

There is a CD booklet that gives background and translates the lyrics. There are "table" songs (about feasts), celebrations of weddings and holidays, and work songs.

This is a valuable work. It is not something for the casual listener, however. Everything tends to sound the same without careful and repeated listening. There are both rural- and urban-style pieces here, although it is difficult for the uneducated ear to distinguish them. This CD is recommended for those familiar with this style of singing or who would like to learn more about it.

review by
Dave Howell

8 November 2008

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