Sara Evans,
No Place That Far
(RCA, 1998)

This incredible album almost leaves me speechless. Every single song is just terrific; I have never heard an album that is this consistently good from start to finish.

I have only recently discovered Sara Evans, so I am hearing all of these songs for the first time. Maybe if I had heard a song or two on the radio before buying the CD, I would not be so amazed by her voice, but somehow I doubt that.

I'm sort of going about this thing backwards -- I started with Born to Fly and then I quickly moved to purchase this album. I still haven't heard the first album, but I will be buying it very soon.

It is a joy to hear lyrics that are not only discernible but also so emotional and powerful. Whether it is fast or slow, each song seems to really mean something and to actually affect me in some way. "The Knot Comes Untied" is a particularly moving song, as are "No Place That Far" and "Time Won't Tell." "Love, Don't Be a Stranger" and "The Great Unknown," while faster paced, also speak to universal themes like love, discontent and hope in effective ways. Being a fan of "real," old-timey country music, I especially like the songs on the second half of the album, songs like "These Days" and "Cupid." "Cupid" is the real gem of the collection for me; featuring George Jones, this is country music at its best: twangin' and sangin.'

I don't listen to much country music, so I feel very fortunate indeed to have discovered Sara Evans. As many fans as she must have already, I have to believe that there are untold numbers of people in the world who would love this music but who may never be lucky enough to be introduced to it. If you're reading this review and wondering if you should take a chance on buying this CD, let me urge you to buy it. This is a voice that can touch your very soul.

- Rambles
written by Daniel Jolley
published 21 May 2005

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