(Tutl, 2006)

Faerd was launched in 2001 by Peter Uhrbrand (violin and vocals) from the Faroe Islands and Eskil Romme (accordion, saxophones and vocals) from Denmark with an inter-European crew. After several modifications of their lineup, they became a trio, adding Jens Ulvsand from Sweden on bouzouki, guitar and vocal. On their latest album, Logbok, Norwegian/Danish singer Julie Hjetland joins them as a guest soloist.

The CD includes five songs and six instrumental tracks, traditional material as well as two self-crafted tunes. The log (logbook) tells us about Faerd's musical journey to Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Faroe Islands, the Shetland Isles, England, Holland and as far as New Zealand.

Romme dedicated "Karen's Scottish" to Karen Tweed, a former member of the Faerd crew, an excellent tune for an extraordinary accordion player. Tom Anderson from the Shetland Isles contributes a wonderful slow air, "Da Auld Resting Chair." Sweden's folk music is represented by Gisen Malmquist's song "Fattig Man," which has been attached to Carl Erik's "Berndt's Polska." "Sinklars Vise" is a traditional song from the Faroe Islands about the war between Denmark and Sweden in the 17th century. These two songs feature vocals from the three basic crew members; guest singer Hjetland only sings two songs. Her beautiful voice makes "Somandsenken," a very sad traditional Danish ballad, my favourite track. She also sings on the last track, the Norwegian song "Kjerringe Rod" from Kjersti Wik. Together with two traditional tunes from the Faroe Islands, this last track is a hauntingly beautiful end to a brilliant CD.

The recording features beautiful tunes and songs from the far north of Europe to the southern hemisphere, brought forward by gifted musicians who have managed to produce a melting pot of traditional music. "Regardless of what the traditional music of the different countries is called, our view is that there are many nations, but no national music" is written on the small booklet. Their slogan permits them to make music full of creativity and revelation.

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review by
Adolf Goriup

22 September 2007

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