Amy Fairchild,
Mr. Heart
(So Fair, 2002)

Amy Fairchild's CD Mr. Heart has been out for a couple of years, but that should not stop you from checking it out. This folk-rock singer easily reminds me of Sheryl Crow, but with slightly deeper vocals. She not only sings but also plays acoustic guitars, percussion and piano. Mr. Heart contains 11 tracks, most of which could easily find radio airplay.

The best track on this album, in my opinion, is the title track. Amy is saying goodbye to Mr. Heart, a man she has waited for in vain. This man said he would hang in there for her, but he has disappeared. It is no use looking for him to return. She is going to move on with her life. I love the catchy little hook in the melody. This is a great song.

According to her website, several of Amy's songs have won awards. One of these is the first track on Mr. Heart, "Falling Down." Contrary to the chorus lyrics, this tune is peppy and upbeat. "I'm falling down / but I keep my mouth shut. / I don't make a sound. / I'm falling down / waiting to come around."

Amy moves into more somber territory on "Tuesday." This track was written about 9/11 (and also won an award). Some of the lyrics are quite powerful. "I can see it all now. / Everyone was running around / and by the time I got you on the line / the world was no longer yours and mine / and I wasn't fine. ... I lost my mind on Tuesday / and kissed the life I knew goodbye." How many of you cannot relate?

Amy is joined on Mr. Heart by several talented musicians. Adam Steinberg (who co-wrote several of the songs and produced the CD) plays acoustic and electric guitars, wurlitzer, Hammond B3, mandolin, dobro, bass, piano, percussion and drum loops. Gary Burke is on drums. Graham Maby and Sebastian Steinberg play bass. Mindy Jostyn has accordion duties on a couple of tracks. Will Schillinger handles the tambourine. Finally, all-important handclaps are performed by Amy and Kimball Packard.

If you like Sheryl Crow, I do not see how you could not like Amy Fairchild. Mr. Heart is only one of Amy's CDs. Her website lists at least two more: She's Not Herself and Amy Fairchild: Live. She has several short sound bites of her music available for you to give her a listen.

- Rambles
written by Wil Owen
published 4 September 2004

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