Chuck T. Falcon,
Family Desk Reference to Psychology
(Sensible Psychology, 2002)

I have to admit, at first the title of this book frightened me a bit. What might a family need with a desk reference for psychology? Can you imagine this tool in the hands of the average (read "dysfunctional") family? What if we had a ready resource with which to diagnose each other?! In my imagination, it was spouse against spouse, parent against teenager, millions more ADD diagnoses....

The horror goes on and on. Fortunately, the reality turned out to be much more innocuous.

It would really have been more accurate to title the book, "Here's Some Good Advice I Thought Up, Mostly on My Own." It's less catchy and official sounding, though. This is not to say the advice in the book is worthless. But, like most people who think deeply about the more meaningful life questions, counseling psychologist Chuck Falcon has come up with some worthwhile answers. His style of writing is straighforward and approachable, not at all technical. The publisher is Sensible Psychology Press, and that's precisely what this is: sensible answers to basic, common concerns.

An example of advice from the chapter titled "Social Life" is "Kindness includes treating children and old, sick, disabled, unfortunate, unhappy, and unpopular people with respect and consideration." Well, yeah.

The subjects are easily referenced, including a chapter on love, one for divorce, self-esteem, anger, etc.

- Rambles
written by Katie Knapp
published 21 June 2003

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