The Farewell Drifters,
Yellow Tag Mondays
(independent, 2010)

The Farewell Drifters' album Yellow Tag Mondays features a quintet of male musicians. Co-founders Zach Bevill (guitar, lead vocals) and Josh Britt (mandolin) lead the line-up, followed by Britt's brother Clayton (lead guitar), Dean Marold (bass) and Christian Sedelmyer (fiddle). It's the well-rounded collaboration of vocals and instruments that give Yellow Tag Mondays its greatest appeal.

The album opens with the upbeat tune "Love We Left Behind." It sets the precedent for the remainder of the album: folk music filled with lyrics about love and life.

Two tracks later, "For No One" stands out as one of the most melancholy songs about a lost love. With suspended violin vibrato throughout the track, raw emotion is evident.

"Sunnyside Drive" resonates with nostalgic thinkers as it describes a variety of scenes in family life. Similarly, the lyrics of "Old Friends & Wake Up" venture out of the romance realm and into deeper realities of life.

One of the musical highlights of the entire album is a few seconds of a cappella harmony in "All We Need." This track, along with the rest of the album, provides a pleasant, easy listening style of music.

For listeners who appreciate rich harmonies, the strum of the mandolin and relatable lyrics, Yellow Tag Mondays is worth listening to -- maybe even multiple times.

The Farewell Drifters are set to release their latest album, Tomorrow Forever, January 2014.

music review by
Lindsey Blest

18 January 2014

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