Marilyn Ferguson,
Aquarius Now
(Red Wheel, 2005)

Author Marilyn Ferguson, of Aquarian Conspiracy and Brain/Mind Bulletin fame, delivers up more of her "good ol' plain common sense" panacea mantra psycho-philosophy in Aquarius Now.

There's certainly nothing wrong with the concept that Humanity (with a capital H) needs to let go of its conquering warrior mindset. Ferguson advocates replacing that way-less-than-successful paradigm with the kinder, gentler, tree-hugging idea that we (Humanity, again with the big H), along with all other living beings, are tour companions on this huge vacation package called Life (with a capital L, or at least I'd assume so). And yet, the book seems quite soulless.

As with many who write of New Consciousness, this work suffers from a spiritual jejunity that renders its intellectual bravura mostly moot. I appreciate Ferguson's attempt to bring common sense to the myriad Weltanschauungen, however obvious or outre, but without a numinous connection, I fear it's all little more than yet a bit more existential masturbation.

by Stephen Richmond
13 May 2006

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