Henri Ferguson,
Missing the Boat
(Primac, 2002)

Missing The Boat is the debut album from Henri Ferguson, who brings a broad base of experience, cultural influences and musical inspiration to it. The lyrical theme running through the album is one of love lost, but the music bounces from a wonderful reggae opener, "Life is an Ocean," through folk-country, country-rock and blues, and is diverse and interesting.

Easy to listen to, mellow without being too laid-back, catchy lyrics in some cases, catchy tunes in others, this is a great "anytime" album. Henri's pleasant voice and acoustic guitar are accompanied by several skilled musicians. Barry Sherwood's steel drums and Ray Titiryn's sax on the opening track provide instant sunshine. Rob Anderson joins in with steel guitar on "Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart," and Del Cocks nips in and out with additional vocals and/or bass. "Early Morning Red Eyed Blues" is a classic in the making and the rock ballad "Lately My Love," with the attractive vocals of L.P. Slater, could be a chart hit. "Fake It 'Til You Make It" is a resounding closing song, with a multitude joining Henri on vocals; although the lyrics are sometimes world-wise and slightly world-weary, the positive message and optimism win through to end the song on a positive and upbeat note.

Henri has a slick website, easy on the eyes, informative and very user-friendly if you want to find out more about him. His style of music-making has clearly evolved to include many influences; the guy is no wet-behind-the-ears hyped-up kid, and I just hope that now he has dipped his toe in the waters of recording, he'll dive right in and we'll be treated to more of his original views on life and love.

Missing The Boat presents a mature viewpoint, and its resonance deepens with every listening. There is talent and there is style; Ferguson has both.

- Rambles
written by Jenny Ivor
published 7 April 2003

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