Andre Feriante,
Fuego de Luna
(Lumar, 2002)

Fuego de Luna is a sampling, a mere taste of the music that Italian guitarist Andre Feriante has created over a decade. It is wondrous, powerful music that sates you -- and leaves you wanting more. The music is full of passion, and in its quietness it commands your attention. Feriante makes his guitar sing, and when he speaks passion meets passion, words to melodies, and it is good.

"Gypsy Eyes" is laced with the beauty of the night, of campfires and eyes that mystify. The quiet changes and "Dolce Tristezza" is full of remembrance. You move into the day with "Lucid Air" capturing the joy of springs first dawn.

The notes and melodies form the lines that are shaped by the words in "Yesterday's Flamenco." Then in "Tarantella" the music is both dancer and dance, with you as its partner. Mystery is woven into the very notes of "Incantations" as it sings of twilight and magic. "Seduction & Illusion" shimmers and shines, courting you with images created for you and you alone.

"Winsome Journey" is a hymn for the road, full of the yearning for new places. The desire continues in "The Wandering Horseman" but it is mixed with a desire for home. The words of "Fuego de Luna" come from the heart of an artist, or of a poet who uses notes for his words. There is an elegance and pride in "Phantom of the Matador" as it shows you the matador still dancing with the shadow of the bull. The passions of a love song are heard clearly in the aptly named "Serenade."

The passion mellows as "Garden of Desire" takes you on a quiet stroll with a loved one. There is a sense of parting in "Rumores de la Caleta -- Albeniz," which leaves you longing for more. This is followed by the promise of meeting again in "Sons de Carilhoes -- Pernanbuco."

The music in Fuego de Luna is wonderful. And if this is but a part of the music that Andre Feriante has created, I want to hear the rest. One hour is scarcely enough.

- Rambles
written by Paul de Bruijn
published 15 March 2003

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