David Fiorenza,
(independent, 2005)

Fiology is an excellent introduction to the work and performance of David Fiorenza. It is a retrospective collection of new, old, live and remixed songs from the past five years.

It opens with two of the new tracks, "Where I'm Going" and "Make You Stay," that remind us of the storytelling talent of this performer. On "New York City Dreamin'," a live performance, you feel as if you know the Big Apple.

One of my favourite tracks is "Tanned, Rested & Ready." It may not be up there with the lyrics on the other tracks but it has a lovely beat and atmosphere to draw the listener in. He gives us a nice instrumental offering on "Gia's Way." The album ends with the wonderfully titled "Wintry Wondering."

You also get two shots at "Just By Chance" -- one acoustic and the other electric. I preferred the acoustic, which is 26 seconds longer.

by Nicky Rossiter
10 December 2005

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