David Fiorenza,
Tan, Rested & Ready
(Blind Cat, 2003)

The opening track, also the title of the album, is an excellent introduction to this writer and performer. David Fiorenza's collection of self-penned material on this release is eclectic and shows some great talent.

Fiorenza brings us just eight real tracks on the album, but that is enough for anyone to determine that he is a talent to be considered. (The listing gives 11 tracks but one is a sales pitch and two others are 10-second pieces.) I particularly enjoyed his songs "Thanks a Lot" and "Texas."

As always, it is a matter of getting the breaks, the plays and the take up. I hope Fiorenza gets all of these because this songwriter deserves to be heard.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 27 March 2004