Pecolia Fitts,
Lots of Little Goodies
(independent, 2010)

Lots of Little Goodies is an oddball release by Pecolia Fitts, although not without its charms. It is hard to classify; soul-pop might be better than jazz, but it stands out as an individual statement more than it fits into any musical genre. What it seems to be is outsider music, something that is rarely found but treasured by outsider adherents when it is.

The titles of some of the eight tracks, like "Sexy Homeless Lady" and "Pink Beautiful Whisky Bottle," tell you that Fitts has a unique vision. The former just has Pecolia singing to a beat track. The latter begins with a standard cocktail piano and trumpet, but the lyrics soon convince you that this is not a run-of-the-mill song.

Pecolia sings "I love you" to the bottle but also proclaims her independence from it. It is a brilliant approach to a difficult subject. Other of her works are more mainstream, like "Hypnotize Me," which is a jazz track except that it has a synthesized backup.

Outsider musicians include Tiny Tim, the Shaggs, Wild Man Fischer and others. They make (or made) "strange and unusual music" (as one book puts it) without being aware that it is off the wall. This does not mean it is bad music, just different.

Pecolia is not a technically great singer. What she has, as many other outsiders have, is an optimistic viewpoint. Other titles, like "Reaching for the Rainbow" and "You Got to Be in It to Win It," bear this out. And there is a definite honesty in her vocals.

If you like to explore a different take on music, this is it.

music review by
Dave Howell

26 March 2011

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