Some Antics
(independent, 2005)

The Folkrum album Some Antics would have benefited greatly from the inclusion of a lyric sheet. The Oregon-based roots-rock band is accomplished in both writing and delivery, but I believe listeners lose some of the power of the words by not having a little background on the songs.

The track titles are indicative of the clever writing, with names like "Arise & Inspire" and "Merchant of Marvels." "Further" is a nice upbeat track that will have the toes tapping and fingers drumming.

My favorite song title here is "Misinformation Highway," a name that probably best describes the medium we have come to love so much. The album ends with a nice track called "Birthday Son."

The band is Hunter Paye on guitar and vocals, Trent Hinchman on bass, Justin Burkhart on drums and Dennis Hitchcock on guitar, banjo, keyboard and vocals.

I have just said the album title out loud and I wonder if it is coincidence that it sounds like "semantics," or if it's a clue to the clever lyrics in some of the tracks.

by Nicky Rossiter
10 June 2006

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