Lori Foroozandeh,
Lori's Song:
The True Story of an American Woman
Held Captive in Iran

(Outskirts Press, 2009)

Lori's Song is a memoir that reads like an adventure story. The facts the author describes seem unbelievable at first, yet as the reader goes on they come to understand the author's personality and identify with her in the events to come.

Lori Foroozandeh trusted a man and followed him to his home country, Iran, where all her troubles began. She had a hard time adjusting to the eastern culture that oppresses women; however, she soon managed to run a successful business and gain the respect of the local people. Her husband, though, became abusive, and when she finally decided to return to America, she was arrested and held captive in an Iranian camp where she was brutally tortured. But Lori survived, was rescued by the family of a fellow inmate and flew back to the United States to tell people about her horrific experiences in Iran.

This book is a good read that will cater to all adventure and travel lovers, memoir readers and culture researchers. The story is full of cultural elements that are very interesting to westerners who don't know much about Iran and its people. It may also help those who are addicted to drugs, since the author herself was an addict and her troubles are closely related to this fact.

The story is gripping, easy to read and can be read in one sitting.

review by
Liana Metal

20 February 2010

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