Sutton Foster,
(Ghostlight, 2008)

As many Rambles.NET readers may know, most of my reviews are of Celtic music, since that is the style I play, but I do, in fact, listen to many other styles of music. This is why I am so happy to review Sutton Foster's debut album, Wish.

When I received the CD, I immediately put it onto my iPod so I could listen to it everywhere I went. Seriously, I like it so much; I've now listened to it in my car, on long walks through the hills of my neighborhood, and in the comfort of my home. I even listened to it in a not-so-comfortable place the other day -- the dentist -- because I knew it would help calm my nerves and give me something beautiful to focus on.

While Foster is best known for her multiple Tony-nominated and Tony-winning performances on Broadway, this album covers a range of styles, including jazz/cabaret, folk, country and, of course, a couple of Broadway show-stoppers. It is eclectic, so it can appeal to many, and Foster does not disappoint on any of the styles.

One of my favorite tracks, and the centerpiece of the album, is the John Denver song, "Sunshine on My Shoulders." This song was the reason I wanted to hear this album in its entirety. I saw Foster's performance of it on YouTube and was so mesmerized by it that I wanted to hear more from her. In reading the liner notes, I learned that the song almost didn't even make it onto the album, but I am so glad it did! The arrangement is beautiful and Foster gives new life to the song.

My absolute favorite track on Wish is the Craig Carnelia song "Flight." Joining Foster for this duet is fellow Broadway talent Megan McGinnis. This song gives me chills every time I hear it. The combination of the lyrics, the instrumentals and the harmonies between the two voices are hauntingly beautiful. I always hit "repeat" on this track, because I can't get enough of it.

I enjoy "Air Conditioner" by Christine Lavin and "My Heart was Set on You" by Jeff Blumenkrantz for their humor. Also showing Foster's sense of humor is the Broadway song "Oklahoma," which is included as a bonus track (and is described as "loopy" in the liner notes).

The Patty Griffin song "Nobody's Cryin'" is another beauty. Again, the arrangement is lovely, and Foster's voice fits the song really well. It is another track I find myself listening to over and over, again.

On top of Foster's vocal talents, she showed some of her talents as a visual artist, as well, with the beautiful original paintings used as the artwork for this album. Wish looks as good as it sounds.

There is something for everyone on this album. Even my little pet bunny likes it. She is purring to the sounds of it as I type this.

If you want to wish upon a star, wish on Sutton Foster. Because of Wish, I truly look forward to future albums from her.

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review by
Kaitlin Hahn

24 April 2010

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