David Francey,
The First Set
(Greentrax, 2006)

David Francey is Scottish by birth, Canadian by upbringing and musical by inclination. He has a rare talent for writing and performing songs that are in the main autobiographical, but also universal.

This album, The First Set, is a live recording from Folk Alley, and while the immediacy is to be appreciated, the introductions -- as on all such recordings -- will need a bit of editing on repeated playing. And you should expect to repeat quite a lot.

His opening track, "Paper Boy," is a lovely song telling of life as it was when he had his first job delivering papers, and it evokes the early morning town. A particular favourite of mine is "The Waking Hour," which again reminds the listener of his or her own life with the ordinary set to music.

The terrible events of 9/11 inspired what is probably his best offering on this CD. It's called "Fourth of July," and this is a song with lyrics that deserve careful attention as it recalls the purpose of good folk music.

Although recorded six years ago and a few years before the financial collapse, "Torn Screen Door" reminds us that even in those days there were financial troubles to be encountered and endured.

David Francey is joy to hear, but he needs careful attention because his lyrics are deeper than first they appear.

music review by
Nicky Rossiter

14 July 2012

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