David Francey,
Late Edition
(Greentrax, 2011)

David Francey started his career as a carpenter before turning full time to writing and performing. He is based in Canada with Scottish roots, and he has a great talent with language and music.

He opens Late Edition, his latest album from the Greentrax label, with "Yesterday's News." This moves on to the wonderful "Pretty Jackals," which keeps the news as its theme. Here again, listeners will be lulled through such a lovely tune and delivery that they might possibly miss the deeper message about what our news providers are selling us.

"Solitary Wave" is a more relaxed offering that beautifully evokes a lazy day by a lake. Listen to "Wonder" and allow it become part of your life as he gets under all our skins and our thoughts of things that might have been.

Many performers and other travelers will recognise their lives in "Blue Heart of Texas," with its lovely fiddle refrain. Music takes a backseat on "Borderlands" as we enjoy the naked voice of this very confident performer evoking a bleak but beautiful landscape.

As a now defunct newspaper used to bellow, "All human life is here." This album shoehorns this into the two final tracks. "Long Brown Hair" recalls a difficult marriage ending, while "Grateful" brings us a love long. Life goes on.

music review by
Nicky Rossiter

28 July 2012

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