FreakAngels #3
by Warren Ellis, Paul Duffield (Avatar, 2009)

Warren Ellis kicks up the story with the third installment of FreakAngels.

This post-apocalyptic yarn takes place in Whitechapel, London, one of the last bastions of civilization. The FreakAngels, a group of young people born under mysterious circumstances and with special powers, are doing their best to save one small slice of the world -- in part through guilt for actually causing global devastation six years before.

As this volume commences, the FreakAngels are doing their best to resurrect a few lost conveniences, including electricity, health care and domesticated chickens. But their slowly improving world is rocked by two calamities: a murder occurs, apparently in homage to the brutal style of Whitechapel's own Jack the Ripper, and one of the FreakAngel's own goes rogue.

I've enjoyed this series to date, but this volume raises the bar for a lot more excitement and intrigue. Paul Duffield continues to provide impressive art to accompany Ellis's story. Let's see if it keeps getting better.

review by
Tom Knapp

27 November 2010

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