Mara Freeman,
Celtic Spirit Meditations
(Chalice, 2001)

This is a CD of mediation techniques and is an acquired taste. With a lovely harp playing in the background, Mara Freeman helps you slide into a peaceful meditative state.

There is an accompanying book, but this is not essential, as Mara will talk you through the process. Using mythological images and a very arresting narrative, you can lay back and imagine yourself in another world.

Not only Irish characters like Brigit but also Morgen, the Lady of the Lake and Newgrange populate this tranquil world. To listen is to enter the storytelling land of bards and druids.

If you want an escape from the big city sprawl or the stress of financial worries, indulge yourself with this CD.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 1 November 2003

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