Gregory Frost,
Fitcher's Brides
(Tor, 2002)

Terri Windling's Fairy Tale series never disappoints. In Fitcher's Brides, author Gregory Frost creates a vivid and accurate, if bleakly creepy milieu for his take on Bluebeard.

The millennial fervor of mid-19th century America is a fascinating subject in itself, and Frost elucidates as he entertains. His characterizations are apt, although I was at first discomfited by his descriptions of the sexual deflowering of his three protagonists. Eventually, however, it all fits and is entirely appropriate.

The story of Bluebeard has always been an ugly one for me, and it's no less so in this retelling. Frost provides some very engaging and aptly retro prose.

by Stephen Richmond
17 March 2006

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