Fruit of Choice,
(InTension, 2005)

Vow boasts influences ranging from Joni Mitchell to Led Zepplin, with some Segovia on the side. It certainly lives up to that hype with a diverse collection of songs that have an exceptional quality of writing that is underscored by a spare delivery.

The talent behind Fruit of Choice, Matt Paris, tells some nice stories in the press pack, including one that finding a tape of Prince introduced him to music and his next album was by Iron Maiden soon followed by "American Pie." It just goes to show that the more influences you allow in at an early age the better the end mix.

"Once Again" got plaudits from the judges of "Song of the Year," and on this outing I would agree with them. One of my favourites on the set of 11listed numbers is "I'm Free." There is also a freebie -- if you could call it that -- as track 12.

This is a great showcase of a writer and performer with a wide range of interests and styles.

by Nicky Rossiter
17 March 2007

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