Furious Billy,
(Mungler Winslowe, 2004)

Furious Billy, a.k.a. Casey Brandt, has a lot of fury to work out. This leads to really impenetrable, cacophonous tracks like "All you Sons of Bitches." Getting past that, there is a lot of variety in this album and some good lo-fi indie pop can be found in tracks like "The Fear." There is also a great, cutting wit in "Grow a Pair" and there is an oddball novelty to "Fishy" that leads us to believe Furious may be not all that dangerous.

Drawing as it does from the simple charms of folk and the most ugly punk can get, Sissyfoot is all over the spectrum. Blend together Melvins and your local coffeehouse troubadours to get a rough idea.

Two more highlights occur to close the album. "At Your Door" is a melancholy song that is largely acoustic. The final track, "I Swallowed a Cat," is a fun, jangle-pop tune with lyrics that could have been written by Shel Silverstein.

- Rambles
written by Tom Schulte
published 1 January 2005

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