Gardiner's Forbidden Knowledge: Secret Societies
directed by Philip Gardiner
(Reality Films, 2007)

This DVD covers a lot of ground in its 70 minutes, beginning in ancient times.

Director and producer Philip Gardiner maintains that angels (and giants) mentioned in the Bible and elsewhere were based in reality. A group he calls the Shining Ones, with an implied extraterrestrial origin, came to Earth to guide mankind and teach it the basis of scientific knowledge. Going a ways back, the belief systems of many secret cults and systems draw upon this knowledge.

The usual occult suspects are brought in, including the Illuminati, Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, Rosicrucians and the Jesuits. After the latter are mentioned, a picture of the Lincoln assassination is brought onscreen, which is certainly a new twist on conspiracy theories.

The major problem is that Gardiner does not present any proof for his theories. He has written books on similar subjects, including one about the Shining Ones. These may present things more logically, but here everything gets thrown together in a rather confusing fashion with many elements going back and forth in time.

The music ranges from classical to modern rock, the latter leaning toward an esoteric bent. The visuals are mostly stills and a few scenes of Gardiner walking around churches and such. The stills are interesting but many are repeated two or three times. Gardiner also is overly fond of simulated flames covering the bottom of the screen.

George W. Bush is pictured at least twice. So if you don't believe any of the secret society stuff, remember how unlikely it was for an alcoholic failure to become the most powerful man in he world.

review by
Dave Howell

29 March 2008

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