Gen 13: Grunge Saves the World
by Ken Altieri
(WildStorm, 1999)

Grunge is my least favorite of the Gen 13 kids, so he probably wasn't the best choice as the star of a solo adventure. I mean, the guy has "lowest common denominator" written all over him; forget wine and cheese, he's not even up to the standards of beer and pizza. He's crude, rude and perverse, ruled by the insatiable appetites of his stomach and lower organs.

When the rest of the Gen 13 team go off on a break, Grunge settles in with Froot Loops and beer for a Jackie Chan movie marathon -- until mentor John Lynch bursts in with tales of imminent horror and destruction on the other side of the world. And so the two are off to the Himalayas, where Lynch is captured and crucified, and Grunge encounters a naked snow siren and a nearly nude "abominable snowbetty" before getting a chance to use his snowboard.

Grunge Saves the World is a hasty adventure that unfolds too quickly to truly satisfy. Of course, a little Grunge goes a long way.

by Tom Knapp
29 April 2006

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