Gen13: Lost in Paradise
by Brandon Choi, J. Scott
Campbell, Jim Lee
(WildStorm, 1997)

Caitlin Fairchild finds a possible clue to her father's whereabouts, and that's all the impetus needed to send the Gen13 team off to the jungle, where they meet up with pirates, amazons and more.

It's a wet dream for Gen13 readers, who of course are attracted to the scanty attire of these impossibly long-limbed teens. And how better to start the adventure than a boat accident in which Caitlin, the big-bosomed group leader, soaks her t-shirt and loses her shorts? It's almost -- almost -- an unnecessary bonus when Rainmaker changes her costume in-panel, or when Freefall tears her jeans, or when the amazon leader wears her ceremonial/see-through gown, or when Grunge is used as breeding stock by a bevy of warrior women....

For all that Gen13 is more about cheesecake than champions, the writers generally tend to entertain, and Lost in Paradise is no exception. It's a pleasant romp in a tropical setting, and the storyline -- though certainly not breaking new ground -- is fun to read. And sometimes, that's all you really need to look for in a comic book, after all.

by Tom Knapp
4 February 2006

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