Gerry Gibbs & the Thrasher Big Band,
Live at Luna
(Whaling City, 2006)

Live at Luna was recorded over a two-night period in late July 2005. Of the 10 pieces found on the album, five are original tunes. A jazz fan, bandleader and drummer, Gerry Gibbs tends to lean more toward a jazz fusion or progressive sound than the big band of the 1930s and '40s. Even so, Gibbs & the Thrashers bring back the days when Count Basie and Glen Miller ruled the airwaves, a time when worries were forgotten for a few hours on the dance floor Saturday nights.

Unlike many live albums, this one does not have the usual distractions of inconsiderate people talking. The music is clear, and only the applause can be heard.

Tracks include "The Caribbean Song," "Some Skunk Funk," "Maiden Voyage," "Song with No Title" and the best title of all, "The Night the Blytheman Walked into the Room, the Room Went Dark & Nothing Else Mattered."

With many of the pieces at well over five minutes long, Live at Luna provides over an hour of entertainment and nostalgia for the days of old by the big band fan.

by Sherrill Fulghum
2 December 2006

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