Melissa Gibson,
In Your Corner
(Java Joe's, 2006)

Melissa Gibson has a gorgeous dark-toned voice that she employs to express her belief that life is a good thing. The songs on In Your Corner are basically hopeful, a tone set right from the start with the sunny "Untrouble Your Mind."

In Your Corner is Gibson's fourth CD. Following a CD of covers (Under Their Influence), this one is all original material, written by Gibson and arranged by producer Vaughn Lofstead (who also plays guitar). Given the keyboard, fiddle and mandolin touches that can be heard behind Gibson's vocals, it is easy to understand why her music can be classified as both folk and country. Her melodies are for the most part up-tempo, toe-tapping and pleasant, even when the subject is less so, such as on "Raining in L.A." or "How the Falcon Flies" (both break-up songs). The lovely, leisurely "What They Meant" is an exception and a good ending to the CD.

"Over Your Shoulder," a song about how friends can help you through the rough times, provides the CD's title:

Because you can only control what you do
There will always be forces confronting you
But you can rely on those in your corner
They're to your right, to your left and over your shoulder.

Pick up a copy and find out what it means to have Melissa Gibson In Your Corner.

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review by
Laurie Thayer

19 April 2008

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