Glen the Owl,
Glen the Owl
(I-Town, 2005)

This album is a musical experience. The tracks have a magical, new-age quality and are delivered in a non-dramatic way, starting with "Sun."

Next, the title track is fascinating in that the average line has only two words. The effect is hypnotic.

This is not an album to produce hit singles. It reminds me of the old concept albums. It seems to be designed as a whole. Each track leads into the next, as the performers appear to experiment with sounds, both vocal and instrumental. At times it veers off like an impromptu jazz session and then reverses and brings the listener into the web of life, nature and creation.

"I Don't Want to Fight" is a particularly enticing song delivered with a cool vocal after a drum intro predicting a more militant sound.

Listen without prejudice and you will be rewarded with an inner peace and the discovery of a very interesting album.

by Nicky Rossiter
11 March 2006