Alice Gomez, with Madalyn
Blanchett & Marilyn Rife,
While the Eagle Sleeps:
Night Songs & Lullabies
of the Native American Flute

(Condor, 1996)

While the Eagle Sleeps is the CD for relaxation, meditation and journeying! Sound therapy simply cannot become more effective than this and I urge each of you to get a copy. The 11 selections in this collection are all soft, serene, delicate, multi-layered works that instill a peaceful quiet in your soul. This is the ideal background music for working, especially during stressful tasks. Every home should have While the Eagle Sleeps.

It is hard to find more talent on a single CD. Alice Gomez plays the acoustic guitar, synthesizer, keyboard bass and percussion. Her chanting is featured in "Rising Sun." She is the composer-in-residence with the San Antonio Symphony. Her previous releases are Journeys of the Flute and Flute Dreams.

Madalyn Blanchett plays the sopranino, soprano, alto and tenor recorders and clay ocarina. She has been featured on several Talking Taco CDs and is currently the instructor of Music at San Antonio College. Marilyn Rife plays percussion, keyboard bass and synthesizer. She is the principal percussionist/assistant principal timpanist with the San Antonio Symphony. Her previous release, Seasons of the Drum, won international acclaim. George Gregory plays the folk harp in "While the Eagle Sleeps" and "Sacred Lands."

Check out the percussion instruments utilized on this CD: "Tarahumara drums, Peruvian bombo, African basket rattles, log drum, Indian gourd cabasa, chulus (goat hoof rattles), maracas, cabasa, guiro, bamboo buzz sticks, suspended cymbals, and Native American dance bells," as listed inside the cover. You will also find biographical information of the artists there.

While the Eagle Sleeps contains "Sunset," "Rising Sun," "Eagle Dance," "Twilight Skies," "Father Sky," "Dream Flight," "Dream Flight," "Night Watch," "While the Eagle Sleeps," "Desert Wind," "Evening Stars" and "Sacred Lands."

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this recording benefits the Native American children of the Save the Children Program. These artists are not only preserving their heritage for future generations, they are actively contributing to providing a better life for those future generations. Let's all support these wonderful women as they continue to utilize their talents for the betterment of Native American lives! These selections are all outstanding compositions that stand head and shoulders above the other lullabies being produced today. This is one CD that you do not want to miss!

- Rambles
written by Alicia Karen Elkins
published 12 July 2003

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