Len Guardino,
Len Guardino
(independent, 2004)

Jazz singer and songwriter Len Guardino is back with a very laconic release.

This self-titled album really contains no surprises. I guess everyone has heard legends like Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett perform. Guardino is almost an exact copy of their style, although he only sings his own songs.

The CD contains 10 minutes of jocund music that does not lack humor. Just listen to the lyrics of "I'm a Man, Yes I Am" and there's no doubt. The following tune, "They Call Me a City Slicker," brings on a nice groove supported with a catchy bass riff that sounds like an invitation to dance. However, there is a cherry on top, which should not be missed -- Guardino is also a composer. If the first three tunes are quite fast-paced, then the last instrumental tune, spiced with piano and saxophone, leaves time for thinking and concentrating on music.

Len Guardino's voice is soft and likeable. However, there are only 10 minutes of music to enjoy on this too-short recording. Maybe his next release will contain a little bit more material and unconventional compositions.

by Ester Eggert
17 June 2006

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