Donny H,
(AMI, 2004)

The country singer known as Donny H has a solid group of songs on Listen, released in 2004. Several of the songs have hit the country music charts. "Now, Now" stands out as one of the best, and the other chartmaker, "Listen," has its musical equal on many of the other songs on this CD.

The fact that Donny H hasn't been in the business for a lifetime doesn't detract one bit from the quality found in his music. Even though the songs are written by others, he interprets and provides each one with a strong Donny vibe.

Production is bang-on with recording and mixing at Nashville's Sound Control Studio. The musicians on the CD include Tom Wild, Tommy Wells, Duncan Mullins, Jimmy Capps, Barry Preston, Hoot Hester and Mike Douchette. Backup vocals are by Monty Allen and Margie Cates. It's all good.

The music tracks vibrate with energy around Donny H especially so in "That'll Never Win" and "Still." Something vibrant in his voice adds a level up to the songs and leaves the listener hanging on for the next note and the next song.

Listen is a pleasure-full country recording, worth listening to in appreciation of this kind of young, new talent that keeps country music and the Nashville scene growing and constantly capturing new listeners.

review by
Virginia MacIsaac

4 October 2008

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