Pamela Hines,
with April Hall,
Hall Sings Hines
(Spice Rack, 2005)

Florida-born jazz singer April Hall graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she met pianist Pamela Hines, who had earned a master in music degree from the New England Conservatory. They formed a quartet with John Lockwood on bass and Reed Dieffenbach on drums and percussion to record Hall sings Hines, a brilliant collection of Hines' songs.

The program includes a wide range of styles influenced by the southern blues, as well as by Latin rhythms and the typical urban jazz feeling. Hall's beautiful voice and Hines' inspired piano playing are equally remarkable as the gifted rhythmic playing of Lockwood and Dieffenbach.

The album starts with "I Go for You," a classic jazz song with a bluesy touch and excellent improvisations. The musicians play their solos alternately throughout the CD without exaggerating and thus interrupting the musical flow; a perfect sample is "Encinitas," a swinging rumba tune and my favourite song. Bass, percussion and piano are constructing the virtuoso musical basement for Hall's singing. And the melancholic and hauntingly beautiful ballad "A Stone" is the perfect showdown for Hall's competent vocals.

The nine songs on the CD create a wonderful atmosphere, and once you've listened to them you wish to push the replay button to discover more of the musical details that make these compositions so extraordinary.

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review by
Adolf Goriup

6 October 2007

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