Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus),
Hannah Montana
(Walt Disney, 2006)

Hannah Montana is a nice kid!

This may not seem like a news flash, but in these days of questionable role models for young girls, it's refreshing to see one we can really cheer on.

Fourteen-year-old Miley Cyrus, daughter of country music star Billy Ray, plays Hannah Montana on the hit Disney Channel show of the same name. The show is a cute look into a teenage pop star's life, following Miley and her friends as they navigate school, crushes and friendship while trying to keep Miley's star alter-ego a secret.

This CD is a soundtrack to the show, featuring the title song, "Best of Both Worlds," in which Hannah lays out the plot and explains why both her roles are lots of fun. "If We Were a Movie" is a bittersweet look at being the girl next door, which may not seem to be the first description that comes to mind for Miss Montana, but is probably a good sign of her healthy self-image. In fact, all the songs on this disc are about being well adjusted, content with life and capable of reaching your dreams. It's really nice. The music is pop over the top, so only listen if you happen to be a teenage girl yourself. That said, it is kind of catchy, and shouldn't drive parents too crazy!

Biily Ray Cyrus joins his daughter on the last song, a sweet duet titled "I Learned From You." A few other artists guest star as well.

The package also has a brief DVD with music videos for five of the CD's tracks.

Miley Cyrus appears to be following in the healthy happy footsteps of some other recent Disney girls, like Hillary Duff and Raven Simone. With a hit TV show and now a hit CD, Miley looks to have a bright future in show biz -- just like Hannah Montana.

by Katie Knapp
9 December 2006

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