Stand Together
(Blind Pig, 2010)

Harper is an Australian blues-rock musician who, in an effort to bring his own culture to the blues, has added the didgeridoo to his music. A master Chicago-style harmonica player, with elements of Little Walter and Sonny Boy Williamson in his playing, he also possesses a strong voice and a deep, almost mystical approach to music. The didgeridoo, hovering below the more traditional blues instruments, along with the frequent use of Native-American rhythms, adds to the mystery.

This man is doing something new.

Harper is an original, singing about unity and love like a 1960s hippie, playing the harmonica like a '50s rhythm 'n' bluesman, and singing like a '70s soul man, but using the didgeridoo to make all of this timeless.

At this point, he has pretty much left the blues behind and is working at creating his own genre. His is exciting, deep and mysterious music that deserve the widest possible audience.

music review by
Michael Scott Cain

28 August 2010

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