Betty Harris,
(Evidence, 2007)

If you are a fan of modern R&B with an emphasis on the "B," just buy the darn CD!

It is extremely refreshing to have an artist come around that has a modern sound with familiar overtones that fit like a comfortable old pair of gloves. Betty Harris sports solid vocals reminiscant of Tina Turner on Intuition, a polished 16-track offering. The band sounds like a collection of Nashville studio pros doing a cross of country-pop and Malaco-style blues.

The title track is a slow, funky, pop-blues that sounds like a Macy Gray tune with Tina Turner singing. "Still Amazed" is an upbeat R&B tune with some ultra-tight horn arrangements. The vocal duet with Freddy Scot on "Since You Brought Your Sweet Love" could stand toe to toe with some of the greats by ZZ Hill. "Time to Fly" slips and zips with some sweet slide guitar played by Jon Tiven.

It's great to hear a song that sounds like Bonnie Raitts' band without a Bonnie Raitt clone singing it. If Harris drags this band out of the studio and is playing a festival anywhere within 100 miles of your hometown this summer ... well, it sounds like you have a heck of a good weekend ahead of you!

review by
Carole McDonnell

19 January 2008

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