Claude Hay,
Deep Fried Satisfied
(Ingot Rock, 2010)

Upon first putting on Claude Hay's 2010 label debut Deep Fried Satisfied, one is immediately captured by the toe-tapping rhythm of "Get Me Some," a simple ode to New York-style pizza. This is immediately followed up by "How Can You Live with Yourself," a terrific transition that keeps with the blend of blues, punk and pop.

While the first three songs of the album show very little variance, "On Hold" is a raw, grungy song on par with the Black Keys' "Set You Free" that shows the artist's rougher side. He follows this up with "Two Zero Seven," a two-minute guitar solo that resembles what I imagine Bela Fleck would sound like on the electric guitar.

The rest of the songs begin to blend together, with the lone standout being Hay's cover of Queen's anthem "We Will Rock You," which provides a very unique take on the song that almost mixes blues and rockabilly. If nothing else on this album appeals to you, this cover is worth hearing at least once.

Hay's message is clear: he has an incurable desire for Southern deep-fried food, a noble enough concept to base an album around. While nothing on the record breaks any new ground (aside, arguably, from the Queen cover), it is certainly a piece of work that is worth giving at least a listen to. It makes for great driving music, and most of the songs are entertaining, if nothing else. While it may not be in anybody's top 10 albums of all time, it makes for a terrific CD to keep around the house and play as background music at a party, with a few songs sure to grab the attention of some guests.

music review by
Bryan Frantz

19 February 2011

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