Christine Hoeflich,
What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition & Awakening
(Between Worlds, 2008)

What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition & Awakening guides readers from confusion to wholeness, soul-searching to acceptance. This is the memoir of Christine Hoeflich, a woman surrounded by family, life and career, who found herself seeking something more.

When she learned to step away from her outer life and connect with the infinite, she found an entire world of spiritual understanding just waiting for her, welcoming her and guiding her through her quest for wholeness. Through this quest, Hoeflich discovered a new world of self-awareness and self-healing, until she could reconnect with herself and, thus, with her life. In so doing, she tapped her twin fonts of intuitive inspiration and self-wisdom, thus leading her to create this revelatory book.

Hoeflich shares her life with readers: job, daughters, husband, friends. The search for a new life while clinging to the supports of the old one. Travails of moving house, of attending workshops, of learning to write. Through this story arrive moments when the universe itself speaks to Hoeflich, guiding her creative force and aiding her in her goals.

Despite the personal component of this story, Hoeflich sculpts a universal journey, reaching out to readers and demonstrating how they, too can seek self-awareness and wholeness in their lives. Some find themselves swept along through life, reacting instead of acting, drifting instead of seizing. This book can guide them to what they lack: a bond with others. Beneath our individual existences lies a deep interconnectedness, an understanding that all people are undergoing the same experiences and living in the same world. Tapping that connection is the goal, and this book is the instruction guide.

review by
Valerie Frankel

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