Mary Hornik,
Liberty Heights
(self-produced, 2001)

Liberty Heights, by Mary Hornik, is a five-song sampler by an up-and-coming young musician from, you guessed it, New York. Her style, a combination of Fiona Apple and Natalie Merchant, makes for a distinctive sound that will leave people not only wanting more, but feeling oddly like they have heard this talented new artist somewhere before and wanting more.

What I particularly loved about this CD is that Hornik integrated her own personal experience into writing the songs; the songs all have some sort of biographical root so that you really feel like you are getting insight into the inner workings of the artist's mind as you listen to her sing reassuringly of love, going out with friends, her family and her hometown. Allowing me to see her feelings and thoughts somehow drew me to the music and hooked me; I wanted to know more about this intriguing and talented young woman whose skilled music writing, piano playing and singing combined to emit a wonderfully bluesy sound from my stereo.

The most memorable parts of this CD were this woman's voice, lyrics and piano which will haunt you until you hear another tune and even then is not guaranteed to leave your head. Anyone interested in bluesy music with potential to break into the pop world should definitely look into this CD.

[ by Melissa Kowalewski ]
Rambles: 15 February 2002