Seth Hunter,
Nathan Peake #3: The Price of Glory
(McBooks, 2011)

There are, once again, a few oddly humorous scenes that seem out of place in the overall tone of the book. Like, you know, when Nathan Peake is home visiting his mother.

Otherwise, I am thrilled by the continuing adventures of this British naval captain, as penned by Seth Hunter. Back from the Caribbean, Peake is once again involved in naval battles and political intrigue as the aftermath of the French Revolution continues to burble and seethe. He, for instance, spends some time as a spy in France, where he meets, offends and possibly in some way befriends and encourages an upstart military general named Napoleon Buonaparte -- one senses that, without Peake's intervention, Napoleon might have faded rapidly into obscurity.

The plot of The Price of Glory also includes rescuing a famous English feminist from drowning, near seduction by a pair of infamous Parisian women and an encounter with the most renowned British naval commander in history. There are great battles on land and sea, deceit, maneuvers and desperate hard luck.

Through it all, Peake continues to seek news of his lost love, believed dead on the guillotine but perhaps -- just perhaps -- still alive after all.

This series of novels is by no means on the level of a Hornblower or an Aubrey. But it's a truly enjoyable series nonetheless, and I look forward to continuing with these adventures.

book review by
Tom Knapp

27 July 2013

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