The Highwaymen,
The Road Goes On Forever
(Liberty Records, 1995)

Take four of country's greatest legends -- Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristopherson and Waylon Jennings -- and put them together, and you get The Highwaymen, a dynamic team up of storytellers and country rockers that bring their unique talents into one album, giving voice to good tunes and great imagery.

Songs such as "The Devil's Right Hand," the story of a boy turned gunfighter, or the title track "The Road Goes On Forever," the tale of two young people from a small town who try to get a piece of the pie, bring the listener right into the narratives. Songs like "Everyone Gets Crazy" and "Here Comes that Rainbow Again" work to ease and inspire, while "True Love Travels Down a Gravel Road" and "Waiting for a Long Time" serve to keep the dream of love alive.

There is a touch of the spiritual with songs such as "Live Forever" and "I Do Believe," as well as the metaphysical cowboy's tale "Death and Hell" and the group's autobiographical toe-tapper "It is What It Is."

In all, the album presents 11 songs showcasing the talents of these four great country masters, all of whom draw on their country roots to create an album which will entertain and get you going. This is a must for any country fan.

[ by Charlie Gebetsberger ]

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