Nigel James,
Lessons from the Road
(Authentic, 2008)

Did you ever hear of a rock band touring with a pastor? I hadn't -- until I heard of Third Day, a Christian rock group.

Lessons from the Road was written by Nigel James, who is that selfsame pastor. He's there with the members of Third Day while they're touring, helping to keep all those road nightmares we've heard about -- in songs like Bob Seger's "Turn the Page" -- from happening to his guys. The five band members -- Tai, David, Brad, Mac and Mark -- share their experiences and their gratitude for the gift of talent their God has given them.

The book is written in an interesting and engaging manner. Christians, members of Third Day's fan club and others just curious about what a rock star's life is like on the road will be interested in this book.

review by
Becky Kyle

22 August 2009

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