Rahel Jaskow,
Day of Rest
(self-produced, 2000)

Rahel Jaskow sings haunting melodies, all dedicated to the Jewish Sabbath, on her new CD, Day of Rest. The singer selects her very favorite songs, performing them in beautiful harmonies, with a soft background of electric guitar and other instruments. These songs are all classics, ancient folk melodies that Jaskow resurrects in new and original ways.

The songs are very peaceful, suitable for any time of the week. Some of these songs are very popular selections, such as "Tsur Mishelo" and "Adon Olam." Still, she picks some of the rarer tunes as she brings these old songs to new life. Other songs, such as "LeHai Olamim" and "Yah Ribon," are more difficult to find in popular folk songs or prayers. The CD ends with "Lullaby in C," an original piece that blends well with the collection. This is the only song with some English as well as Hebrew.

All of the songs appear in Hebrew, without a sheet of the words in any language. Still, these songs are very popular and widely distributed; many people already know the meanings. The tunes remain soft and peaceful. It's a perfect collection for preparing for Shabbat, or for any other time.

- Rambles
written by Valerie Frankel
published 9 August 2003